Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't worry...those guys you went to high school with still go to high school

Oh my way to my meeting this morning, I passed a high school bus stop, and was only happy to see that all of those guys who were in my high school classes are still in school. I saw:

--that 6'2" slightly overweight guy with facial hair, shoulder-length, dirty black hair (inevitably pulled back), wearing a black Slayer t-shirt, camo shorts and old, black Doc Martins and looking really mean,

--that guy with the short blonde hair that's sort of styled, and sort of just there, wearing a bright colored American Eagle polo, dark wash jeans and sandals,

--that tall, skinny guy with long hair who wears all pants, a hat, boots, long sleeves and a coat, all black, no matter how warm it is outside,

--that short, overweight kid with really stiffly spiked hair that's shaved on the sides, who wears glasses, some sort of of mystical t-shirt (usually with an animal and something having to do with astronomy), tapered jeans and really old tennis shoes, and

--that guy who most definitely is not in a gang, but thinks he might get picked up by one if he dresses accordingly (insert your hometown's gang paraphernalia here).

It was almost reassuring.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am legit.

Screw all of you people who think you’re better than me because I listen to Britney Spears from time to time. Maybe I have the more accomplished taste because I can appreciate her AND Beirut. Think about THAT sometime.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My head [still] hurts [but not as much]

I had to have Cousin check to be sure it had stopped bleeding last night, and she said "Oh you have a little freckle here...oh never mind...that's just dried blood."

Blow dryer related injury...seriously?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My head hurts

So I was blow drying my hair this morning (shout out to all of the fine-haired ladies) bent over and upside down, and when I tried to flip my hair up (another shout out--you know you have to flip it really quickly and powerfully), flipped my head directly up into the corner of the open cabinet door. I immediately hit the floor, holding my head, and laid there for some minutes...not really sure how many...while my blow drier blew hot air into nothing. I eventually got back up, finished blow drying my hair, put everything away and left for work.

A few hours later, after several extra strength Tylenol, when I tried to feel if I still had a knot, I realized that there was a bunch of dried blood in my hair. I went home for lunch with my friend Kate, and found that there were bloody fingerprints all over the cabinet and bathroom door (I think I was too dazed to even notice), and on the floor where I huddled for some minutes. Kate proceeded to clean out my hair, find that the cut was still bleeding, and compress cotton onto the back of my friggin head for like ten minutes while the bleeding stopped.



And probably the worst part about all of it? I will likely have to take ANOTHER shower today. I already took one, and I have to take another one, because there is blood in my hair.

Damn it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

HERE'S something I love.

Light up rings.
There is NO situation where a light up ring isn’t completely appropriate. I’d wear one in your wedding. They’re funny because they’re so huge, and then, as if that wasn’t hilarious enough, they frigging light up.
You know the ones I’m talking about—you usually bust them out for bachelorette parties, and you typically have to buy them at those creepy sex shops that you have to run into, constantly saying “bachelorette” loudly, so they don’t think you’re there to buy porn. Don’t worry about it, I’m just looking for those hilarious light up rings…nothing sexual about that, right?
Another reason that I like them that I don’t typically tell people—they’re big enough to fit my fingers. I have fat fingers. There’s nothing I can do about it—I’ve tried hand/finger work-outs, but really—-NO results. I’m doomed to be a size eighter. But to you other eight-and-aboves out there, the giant, plastic light up rings are PERFECT.
Anyway, about the rings, I can honestly say that I’ve worn them about everywhere, and am always happy I have it for some reason or another. The other night, I light it up at a concert so the people we were meeting could find us. Another night, I turned it on to light up my door so I could get the key in the damn lock.


And the comments are also worthsies. It took me a few times out with the light up ring for me to come up with the appropriate response to the inevitable “That’s a big ring.” At first, I said thanks, but you know, I’m not sure that’s meant to be a compliment. It’s more of a truism. So now I just say “And it lights up!” That wins them over every time.