Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eric Groves, I hope you're reading this.

Boss Eric--

Here is why I hate calling admitted students.

A mom: "You guys were like calling all the time a while ago, and now when I want you to, no one is calling."

Lady. I'm calling you right now. We are speaking on the phone RIGHT.NOW.

A dad: "No he's not here."
Me: "Oh, no worries. Can I leave my number for him to call?"
Dad: "Um, well, I don't have a pencil here...could you just call his cell phone?"
Me: "Oh sure!"
Dad: "You know, I don't remember that number either...could you call back on Friday, after 7 p.m.?"

No. No I cannot. Also, I am about 98% sure he was just sitting on the couch during this whole conversation.

A student has hung up on me.

I had to tell two students, because they were SO AWKWARDLY hesitant, that they weren't going to offend me if they've chosen another school, which they both admitted they had, but never would have, had I not basically begged them to tell me (so I don't have to call them anymore).

And I had one mom tell me that "this is really a family" I know. I'm not trying to butt into your decision making process, lady. I'm just trying to help.


I'm just trying to do what Eric tells me to, because he's my boss, and he is always very nice to me, so I should probably do this for him.

But for the record, I hate it!!! I'm taking my ring OFF of it.


  1. ha ha ha does he know about your blog?! i'm nervous.

  2. i just saw he follows you. yikes. ;-) ha ha i'm just happy you all have a sense of humor!

  3. I agree with everything above. I love when I leave voicemail after voicemail and get email responses.... awesome. Thanks guys.

  4. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree to agree on this... Thanks for making the calls, I really do appreciate it!


    p.s. I feel honored to have made the blog... HONORED! Now I will "zip my face!"