Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear College Students,

Dear College Students,

This is the last time in your life that it will be a tiiiiny bit okay for you to just ignore important emails and don't do business related things because you're "too busy."
I say "okay" not because it's ACTUALLY okay, but because at this point, you can't be fired from anything for it.
Please be prepared for the rest of your life to be much harder and busier than college, and the only time "too busy" applies is when you're talking about your own well-being. For example, you'll often be "too busy" to get lunch, or "too busy" to do your own laundry, or in my case, "too busy" to go downstairs to pee. And although you might think you are, you won't be allowed to be "too busy" to meet that deadline, "too busy" to return an email, or "too busy" to drop off paperwork.
So please, be in your clubs, run your laps, study for your finals, write your papers, update your Facebooks...but be happy about it. That's not's perfect. Cherish it. CHERISH IT.

With so much love I just might die,

Monday, December 20, 2010

It was a magical weekend

...because I found true love and got engaaaaaaaaged!!!!!

Just kidding. It was EVEN BETTER!

I like to call this one "These people are either just about to give gifts to baby Jesus or just about to get abducted by aliens."

Monday, December 13, 2010

here's something that no one will care about

You're gonna be mad about reading this...I promise.

So they moved the Old Faithful webcam.

I don't know why, but a few clicks around the old world wide web, I found that there are a couple of other people (certainly either 90 year old tech-savvy birdwatchers, or 33 year old obese men who play World of Warcraft instead of working) are all up in arms about it too. I say "too" because I'm also all up in arms about it. I mean, this new camera does show trees where I was certain there was just a parking lot, which is good news, but how the hell am I supposed to see the bison from this far away?

But it's still so lovely there.

So, since you've made it this far (I'm assuming someone did...Mindy), let me show you:

Old camera. This one's called The Bison Returneth.

New camera. So far away. But this one is as it's entitled, It's Magic!

So lovely, but I miss the old upsies closeies camera. I still love technology, always and forever. RIP.

Friday, December 10, 2010

another reason I love the state of HI

I just read an application for a kid who's first name, in Hawaiian, means "strength," last name means "magnificent," and middle name means "fisherman."


Monday, December 6, 2010


...are those videos in the last post so huge? I hate that they go outside of the lines! I have no idea how to fix that. With my internet knowledge, I opened the blog to edit it, said "VIDEOS! SMALLEN YOURSELVES!!!"

Nothing happened.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here's something weird... know all those flash mob videos that are the thing right now? They always make me tear up. I have no idea why. I usually can't finish them for fear of crying at my desk at work.

Some people can't handle the Folger's commercials...

...but I can't take the flash mobs.