Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seeking the opinon of everyone in the world, ever, regarding this protest.

So Taco Bell gave money to Share Our Selves, a Catholic organization that works to provide services to homeless and low-income populations in Orange County, as well as the Discovery Science Center, also in Orange County, which teaches about evolution.

This is tough for me, you guys. 

In order to take a stand, I'm both going to eat at and not eat at Taco Bell, to show my support for helping the homeless, and my anti-support of modern science.

If you're also "passionate about the issues" like I am, JOIN ME!

Here's our schedule:

Monday:  Go to Taco Bell for lunch or dinner.  Don't tell people why we're there, but order favorite items, and enjoy.

Tuesday: DO NOT GO TO TACO BELL FOR ANY MEAL.  Tell people on Facebook, but that's it.

Wednesday: Go to Taco Bell again, but order different things.  The crunchy taco supports services for the homeless, and the pintos and cheese support services for the homeless.

Thursday: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM TACO BELL TODAY!  When you drive by one (you know you will, if only for the aroma), shake your head for at least 10 seconds.  Evolution...come on you guys.

Friday: Go to Taco Bell for dinner, because you're likely to get more serious stuff when it's dinner.  Come on, it's DINNER.  When you're in there, mention the homeless services, but don't expect anyone who works there to know what you're talking about, but still mention it.

Saturday: NEVER GO TO TACO BELL ON THIS SATURDAY!  Saturday proceeds at Taco Bell probably go to evolution.

Sunday: Free day.  Tell people on Facebook if you're going or not.  Also, create an event, and invite Facebook friends to it.

I can't wait to get started on this, so Taco Bell will know my feelings, and my friends will see how willing I am to add something/give something up for what I believe in.  This will be more powerful than the time I bought a PlayStation to show my support for the Japanese who were in internment camps.

For Narnia!!


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    1. Thanks's been a week of protest, and I feel both excited and defeated. Success!