Friday, October 2, 2009

state mandated sexual harrassement training (but not like "how to sexually harass," more like "it's bad!")

After spending my required one hour, 57 minutes perusing my work’s state mandated sexual harassment training, I was struck with the idea that sexual harassment can happen in many ways that I didn’t even realize. I wanted to share this with you, my friends, using some of the photos used in the official training.
Please take your time in considering your answers...sexual harassment can hurt a lot of people, and can happen without everyone knowing it.

Sexual harassment…or one woman talking to another woman about how their clothes are outdated?

Sexual harassment…or a photo shoot where the models were told to appear “wanton”?

Sexual harassment…or a teenage boy looking past a teenage girl who is angry that she almost ran into a large column?

Sexual harassment…or a girl angry because she doesn’t have a computer?

Sexual harassment…or two people?

Sexual harassment…or a nice lady with bangs trying to share in a joke that the mustachioed man didn’t find funny?

Sexual harassment…or a woman distracted by her coworkers child-like tiny hands?

Sexual harassment…or a man casting a Wiccan spell on a passer-by?

Sexual harassment…or actual assault?

Sexual harassment…or a man with eye makeup being disturbed by a man who has very clearly had either a face or a scalp transplant?

Sexual harassment…or a man trying to warn a woman that their office is being swallowed into a vortex?

Sexual harassment…or a poor-quality photograph?

Sexual harassment…or painful nose injury?

Sexual harassment…or a guy with a cardigan dancing in front of a math problem?

Sexual harassment…or the library?

Sexual harassment…or a girl about to start something fierce?

Sexual harassment…or all the life being sucked out of that woman because of the extreme colors that surround her?

Sexual harassment…or a girl unsure as to whether she should go left or up?

Please contact me if you want to discuss any of these situations…especially if you have found yourself in any of these situations, and now, find yourself unsure where to turn. Also, maybe see if you can get HR to let you get a few minutes off of your required time in your training.

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