Thursday, October 28, 2010

I hate Reno.

My two least favorite cities in all of our great country are as follows:

El Paso, TX
Reno, NV

I'll fill you in on El Paso later, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about how I hate Reno so much, and how if you ever go there, I'll think markedly less of you.

Here's a little story: I visited Reno on my Fall Travel No Shopping Challenge of 2009--some of you (ok, only Melinda) will remember that that's why I started this blog in the first document what I purchased. Now that I'm back to wildly and recklessly spending again, I am able to relive some of my worst times with a sense of accomplishment--sort of an "I can't believe I did that" thing. But I did. And it led to me viewing Reno through ash-colored glasses. Or ass-covered glasses. Either, really, because I hated whatever I saw through the glasses.

And most of what I saw was Reno.

I believe that these photos speak for themselves, but not totally, which is why I'm also going to caption them. You know much to say all the tiiimmeee!!!!

Come on, Reno. Come on.

I hate this joke, and hate even more that they sacrificed actual business to make it. No one is going to pull into a gas station with no idea how much the gas costs.

I'm pretty sure this isn't in the Proverbs.

I hate you, Reno.

And I hate that the bathroom I was in had a backdoor.

But I will say that I had three meals of buffalo wings while in Reno, and they were good, but I'm more happy about the chicken than I am about the city, and I would never go back there, even for a MILLION CHICKEN WINGS!


  1. I mean, no one like Hell Paso except for those who live there, which is weird. But, El Paso does produce some wonderful things, namely, Tex Mex and Moi. El Paso says, "You're all welcome world, especially for Andra Jacques."

  2. ha ha ha sweet reno...remember the underwear that had a bear on it and said pull my paw or something...those were from a reno "gift" store. dumb. gross.