Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear College Students,

Dear College Students,

This is the last time in your life that it will be a tiiiiny bit okay for you to just ignore important emails and don't do business related things because you're "too busy."
I say "okay" not because it's ACTUALLY okay, but because at this point, you can't be fired from anything for it.
Please be prepared for the rest of your life to be much harder and busier than college, and the only time "too busy" applies is when you're talking about your own well-being. For example, you'll often be "too busy" to get lunch, or "too busy" to do your own laundry, or in my case, "too busy" to go downstairs to pee. And although you might think you are, you won't be allowed to be "too busy" to meet that deadline, "too busy" to return an email, or "too busy" to drop off paperwork.
So please, be in your clubs, run your laps, study for your finals, write your papers, update your Facebooks...but be happy about it. That's not's perfect. Cherish it. CHERISH IT.

With so much love I just might die,


  1. Well said Shan-E. I've heard that excuse so many times and I just feel like, come on! I recentleY heard this one, "I didn't see your threatening emails about how I have yet to complete this MANDATORY exam because I needed to study for finals and I didn't want to log on to email at all this week and get distracted by facebook messages."

  2. I know someone who has time to get money for her Hogwart's education and not much else.

    It's expensive there