Monday, May 16, 2011

Mildly embarrassing...

...but I have to share this, because I've been enjoying it SO MUCH.

Brief context--all I've been doing lately, minus brief hiatuses for birthday parties, is planning this giant conference we're hosting in a couple of weeks. I need a new contact prescription from all of the computer staring, and I think I've typed myself into carpal tunnel syndrome, but the conference is gonna be the bomb. However, I've been mostly useless otherwise.

Best news...I found an app that not only contributes to being useless, but it's so mindless, and it allows me to take out some of my frustration in dealing with said conference...on high school kids.

Please download Opinionaided immediately.

Here's the idea: you post a yes or no question with a picture...people thumbs up or thumbs down it. You can also leave a comment. Instant feedback. Perfect, right? Oh wait...only high schoolers and child molesters use it, and they don't understand the extremely simple premise. Oh yeah, I also use it. I spend silent moments cooking, or before falling asleep, thumbs up-ing or thumbs-downing people, and leaving ridiculous comments for my own entertainment. There is no pay off for this...they can't comment back or's purely for my own entertainment. And now...please see how I spend my free moments.

It is my deepest desire that these kids see this comment and for a split second, think "Yeah, posting that might have made me look stupid. I'll think twice next time." Don't worry though...I know they're thinking "F&#% this adult!!!"

IT'S SO CUTE. It's so cute.

He is really cute.

Someone needed to tell her.

Work on consistency, and stop showing off your child boobs to strangers.

Come's so much funnier because it's the CEO of Blockbuster...and I'm pretty sure that's really Jesus's quotation.

I'm actually hoping this is a joke question. "Ok baby, Imma stay...88% of people on Opinionaided thought I should."

I think it's a great tip.

At least put out more than one disposable shot glass.

I'm pretty sure this is a Chris Hansen post from To Catch a Predator.

Learn early...this is creeps.

Thumbs down.

It's never too early to be made fun of for spelling errors.

The words...the picture...there was nothing else to say.

Yeah yeah, I take these pics all the time. "Tilt that camera...look at me...I'm walking up the wall!!"

She really answered her own question.

Just wanted to be sure.

But why would I??

Nailed it.

It seems so clear.

This is the kid I hope really took this to heart.

It's true. Not really.

I can't even make fun of it, because I don't at all understand it.

I will always hate this joke, in any form. People need to know. "Want to hear a country song backwards? My wife came back..." "No. I do not."

I'm pretty sure that would do it.

This girl is setting herself up to be that mom who posts about nipple rashes on Facebook.

My head hurts just looking at this.


Ha haaaa!

There's no reason to laugh at this.

I hate high schoolers.

This did make me happy I don't have a sister.

Nnnnnnnnnnnailed it!

Agree...with myself.

It's so prestigious.

Just download it. You'll get it.


  1. ahhhhh ha ha ha i love that you actually comment on these...hilarious.

  2. That was a lot. And you love high schoolers.