Thursday, June 30, 2011

I chose the worst Gmail address possible

Listen, I didn't want to just be, because when I was 21, that seemed unnecessarily boring. And was already taken (I am generally two to three years behind others on the technology seen in my move to Gmail from Juno).

Here is how EVERY CONVERSATION in which I have to provide my email address goes:

Person: And what's your email address?
Me: Yes, it's "email..."
Person: Yes, your email. What is it?
Me: It's actually the word "email..."
Person: Right, we need your email address for your account here.
Me: Yes, I understand. My email address begins with the word "email."
Person: What?
Me: My email address is "e-m-a-i-l-"
Person: Your email address is actually "email?"
Me: That's the first part of it, yes. It's Email The Shannon at gmail dot com.
Person: Um...
Me: Let me just spell it. It's email--e-m-a-i-l--the--t-h-e--
Person: EmailE?
Me: No, THE. T-h-e.
Person: Oh, the.
Me: E-m-a-i-l-t-h-e-s-h-a-n-n-o-n
Person: OH, so it's like email you at gmail dot com.
Me: That was the idea.
Person: Oh, that's cute.
Me: Actually, it's a huge pain in my ass.

I don't really say that part. I just think it.

It finally led me to creating a, and just having it forward.

I feel like a sell out every time I say it.

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