Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Phone conversation

Student: lots of stuff about changing her schedule

Me: Those changes are no'll just need to contact the Records Office, and I'll give you their number. Do you have a pen handy?

Student: Yeah, hold on...(to someone in the background)...can you write this down for me? Ok I'm ready.

Me: So it's 6-1-9...

Student: 6-1-9

Me: 8-4-9...

Student: 8-4-9

Me: 2-2-8-9

Student: What?

Me: 2-2-8-9

Student: 4-7-0-9?

Me: No 2---2---8---9

Student: (to person in background) I can't hear on your phone...I think it's like 4-2-0-9 or something.

Me: It's actually 2-2-8-9

Student: (to person in the background) Uh...4-something-0-9

Me: Can you hear me?

Student: Yeah, can you say the whole thing again?

Me: 6-1-9-8-4-9-2-2-8-9

Student: (to person in background) Yeah I don't even know. 4-2-something something.

Me: I'm going to go ahead and transfer you.

Student: Ok cool.

Things I have to say to this student about this conversation:

1--I do not stutter, and by the third time, I was literally yelling the last four digits to the point that someone in the office IMed me to see if I was ok.

2--There is no way you could hear "seven" when I said "two". The only two numbers that sound LESS alike are three and 18099.

3--How could you hear everything I said except for the last four numbers??

4--Just because you move the mouthpiece from your face to speak with someone else does not mean that I can't hear you.


6--If you can't hear me, tell ME, not the person in the background who is writing down the wrong number.


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  1. Catching up on your blog. Laughing a lot. Miss you!!