Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I'm not even sure I want to! I found out that people can comment back to you...everyone hates me so much. I love it. I think I love it here because it's not real life, where I'm just devastated if someone hates me.

This person did NOT understand what I was going for.

I mean...it's right there.

Answer: no.

Makes sense, right?

Shampoo is better...I go on first and clean the hair.

I am SO GLAD that my computer doesn't have this, because I am sure I would push it at one point.

No reply to this...unfortunately.

I wish it was actually doing something. Harry Potter money.

I appreciate people who answer their own questions.

See above.

You're welcome.

You're welcome.

It's in these times that I have to wonder what Melinda would say in her comment, because she always commented on all of these blogs, until her work computer blocked her capabilities to do so. I'd like to think for this blog, she would have commented "Wow...you're now doing this in daylight hours...???" to which I'd have to reply "It has replaced Words With Friends as my go-to TV show distraction...because I always need to be doing something else while watching TV," to which she would reply "You really are like a child, " and I would say "Yeah."

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