Monday, July 30, 2012


I love eating, and I love uuuuhhhheating.

I have some tips to help you love it too.

1.  If you're eating something that drips, be sure it drips onto something else you're eating.

BECAUSE THEN THE OTHER THING TASTES LIKE THE OTHER THING FLAVORED LIKE THE FIRST THING.  No flavor wasted...that's (one of) my (many many) motto(s).  Best examples of this: tacos dripping in the beans OR rice (pick one, but then for sure mix the rice and beans together so it totally doesn't matter).  Meat of any kind dripping in the mashers ("But Shannon, that might be meat blood!"  Hell yes it might be meat blood!!).  Cheeseburger melty cheese dripping on french fries.  Asian noodle soup dripping into the rice (or just put the rice into the reverse winner).  Pasta with a bunch of sauce dripping on the garlic bread. 
As you can see, it works with every ethnicity of meal, and I would (have) likely try (tried) it with any foods.  You won't regret it.

2.  Open your heart to the halfsie-tradesie.

Can't decide between two lunch choices?  Convince the person next to you that they can't decide between the same two choices!  Here are some talking points you can use:
"I thought nothing looked as good as the fish tacos, but then I saw the carnitas tostada!"
"It's obvious that I have to get the lamb burger since it's the best thing on the menu, but that chicken sando looks like it's gonna be something special!"
"It's like LO MEIN, FRIED RICE, LO MEIN, FRIED RICE...come on [your name], choose already!"
That should get the person next to  you either thinking on the same page as you, or make them doubt their choice, and start to think about yours.  As SOON as they say something about it--like "Wow,  yeah, that's a tough call," or "Oh man they both sound so good..." or "That just made my decision a lot harder," jump on it with a "Hey, want to halfsie-tradesie?"  Boom, two lunches.  If you're only ok friends, you can cut each lunch in half and trade at the beginning of the meal.  If you're good friends, you can just each eat half of your meal, then switch plates.  If you're great friends, you won't even have to use those tricks, because they'll already be thinking of two options to present to you as the halfsie-tradesie option. 

I felt like I had to end on that because I feel really strongly about the halfsie-tradesie. 

3.  Don't rule out an appetizer and two sides as a meal option.

Just saying, if you can't choose between the cheeseburger and fries because you want fries, but you want a side salad too, and you can't be that girl who orders a full meal PLUS, just get the slider appetizer, a side of fries and a side salad.  Just as cost effective (sometimes), you get everything you want (unless you want medium rare because they can't really do that with sliders), and you look awesome and innovative.

That's all for now, but since I'm always eating stuff, I'm sure to have more. 

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