Saturday, February 8, 2014

just the handiest lil spaghetti squash tip ever

Within one year, I went from not knowing what the hell spaghetti squash is, to taking extreme offense at a veggie that would dare to emulate my favorite pasta, to being curious enough to try, to giving up the dream because cooking it was so annoying, to trying one last tip, to wild success, to a deep love of spaghetti squash.

Complicated, I know.

But once I got inspired enough to buy one, I became immediately uninspired by the sheer number of "best ways to cool a spaghetti squash" with 15 steps and steps in between steps and so much time.

But I can't help it--the stuff is so good, and the perfect sauce conduit, which is really all pasta is too, right?? So I tried a bunch of different ways, combined a few, and found the best one.

If you've ever struggled with the deep desire to eat but the lack of motivation or understanding or time or anything that's making you not prep this tasty little dish, I swear to you, this easy cooking method will make life so much better.

1--get a spaghetti squash (this may be harder than you think--somehow I first came home with acorn squash first)
2--cut it in half (use a big knife...and sometimes you have to swing it really hard)
3--scoop out the guts of the halves (seeds and slimy strings)
4--fill one half of the newly scooped squash with water (like a poorly crafted boat)
5--put the other half of the squash back on top of the half full of water (to make a whole squash again)
6--place the water-filled squash in a glass dish or on a plate in the microwave
7--microwave on high for 10-15 minutes (the larger the squash, the closer to 15), until you can squeeze the top of the squash and it's soft

BOOM. Done.

But it's be careful.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! I have missed the last couple of months of your blogging and today was like Christmas!!!! So thank you again, not only for the squash lesson but for the best letter to the per-paid credit card jerks. I pray for a response. For the amazing commentary on the Today Show comments, I only wish it was your full-time job to be their responder, it would put them to the next level! For putting the jack holes in spandex in their place. For being our outlet to all Nigerian spam. I shall never have such a lapse in checking your blog again. BTW, are you guys coming to Ryan's Dol on Sunday? Hope so!!!