Monday, January 4, 2010

getting dressed without double checking

So I laid in bed this morning, thinking about what I was going ot wear (if I don't have it pre-thought, it turns into a really long, horrible process that leaves me pissed and my room a mess) and mentally imagined a new combo of clothes. I got up, put that isht on, then left for work...

...without double checking in the mirror that it actually looked like I wanted it to.

In walking back into my office today, I saw a reflection of myself in the glass and my first and only thought was:

"What the...did I think I was trying out for High School Musical 4 today?"

Wwwhhhyyyy do I forget how old I am sometimes??? Late-20-year olds cannot wear leggings and really high heels and skirts from Urban Outfitters and tank tops that are too low cut for work and baggy sweaters. Seriously, self?


  1. I'm coming to your office to see what you look like...

  2. ha ha i wish you would have take a picture...working on that whore-o-scope, huh!?