Thursday, January 14, 2010

My problem with Alicia Keys:

#1--If the lyrics are, as everyone online claims, "concrete jungle where dreams are made of," I'm pissed about it. That doesn't even make sense. Why not just "concrete jungle, what dream are made of," or even just the ever-musical "concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh..." or even "concrete jungle where dreams are made up." All of that makes more sense than what's out there.

I'm really hoping those aren't the real words, actually. Somebody prove me wrong.


  1. I have checked many a lyrics site much to my dismay. I agree with you. Sorry Alicia Keys.

  2. I didn't notice truthfully. I think it was something only someone from New York would appreciate. I was not offended.

    Now Whitney Houston...another story. Her first CD after a...hiatus....first song, first chorus states, and I quote, "And if he make you feel like a million dollar bill...". I just looked on the jacket cover and now I understand. Alicia Keys produced it for Whitney.