Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't worry...those guys you went to high school with still go to high school

Oh my way to my meeting this morning, I passed a high school bus stop, and was only happy to see that all of those guys who were in my high school classes are still in school. I saw:

--that 6'2" slightly overweight guy with facial hair, shoulder-length, dirty black hair (inevitably pulled back), wearing a black Slayer t-shirt, camo shorts and old, black Doc Martins and looking really mean,

--that guy with the short blonde hair that's sort of styled, and sort of just there, wearing a bright colored American Eagle polo, dark wash jeans and sandals,

--that tall, skinny guy with long hair who wears all pants, a hat, boots, long sleeves and a coat, all black, no matter how warm it is outside,

--that short, overweight kid with really stiffly spiked hair that's shaved on the sides, who wears glasses, some sort of of mystical t-shirt (usually with an animal and something having to do with astronomy), tapered jeans and really old tennis shoes, and

--that guy who most definitely is not in a gang, but thinks he might get picked up by one if he dresses accordingly (insert your hometown's gang paraphernalia here).

It was almost reassuring.

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