Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Money for nothing, chicks for free

DON'T SAY THAT TITLE LIKE THE SONG...just kidding. The title has nothing to do with this entire post.

So I got to see some of the Today Show when getting ready at my hotel/motel this morning, and caught the lucrative "Home Decor" segment, where they had some sort of expert (how do you even become a home decor expert??) talking about home decor myths (which I also don't really think exist). At one point, Ann (do you like how I call her Ann like we're friends or something? I do see her more than many of my actual friends, I guess.) said (one more parenthetical aside!!) "So next, truth or myth: Lamp design isn't important?" The expert was literally laughing and said "Ohh ho ho ho myth!!!!" like this was something that was actually important and actually funny. Inside lamp joke. Good one. But really, not good, because it's not funny, even to lamp lovers.

So one of the high schools I visited today was in ASB/StuGo/whatever you called high school student government election season, and let me tell you...high school student campaigning is pure genius.

2--I don't follow the logic, but nice use of color, D.

2--Sometimes, Dylan, spell check doesn't cut it.
3--I get it...freshmen boys will read things that say Victoria's Secret, and then laugh a little about it...and then probably vote for Dylan.

2--You know she's been waiting forever to use this officially, because it's come up A LOT throughout her life.
3--Come voting day, count me for CHEW!

1--You lost me at Vote A--
2--Really? Colored paper was all the creativity you could muster?

1--These kids likely weren't born when these commercials were on TV.
2--Sorry your last name looks like Occult a little.

1--I like the glitter!
2--Also, nice rhyme. There was no better way to make this sign.
3--But I hope Dana's name isn't pronounced "Dan-uh," because that will be confusing in the voting booth. "I know it rhymes with bananas..."

1--Sorry I blurred your poster, but a kid walked out of the bathroom and scared me when I was taking the picture.
2--Cool pic of you at the Grand Canyon.

1--So you went with the M and the A in red? Huh.
2--Nice highlight of the :)'s...let's emphasize those even more.
3--Adding the "Just go ahead and" really didn't even out the meter of the rhyme at all...but I like the effort.

2--A little heavy on the text, Darren.
3--But really, you can't argue with results!

1--Don't you think this is a little presumptuous?
2--Was Chew born when Pikachu was a thing??
3--Is it STILL a thing?
4--I liked the Chew Chew better.

1--Dana...this is old news.
2--Like, I don't think it's been on commercials for 10 years old news.

Aaaaaand...on way out of town, no where near a school, which, I think, is the only way this would make any sense:

Hold on, I can't turn yet...I'm still reading the many, many restrictions on when I can turn. What time is it? Car crash.


  1. ha ha ha ha hilarious. i love the blurred one when you got scared...that's something that would happen to me too! ;-)

  2. My Sophomore Class Representative slogan was: Be Represented--Vote Andra Jacques for Soph Class Rep. I had buttons and a t-shirt.

    My Student Body VP one senior year....hmm...I don't even think I campaigned...I just got it....weird....

  3. I enjoyed everything about this.

  4. I was going to read this the other day, but did not have enough time and am so glad because it just made my day on the road! Just so you know...my slogan in Jr High and HS was always a winner...it was a stop sign of course and said..."STOP...Vote for Kopp!"

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