Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the isht I've wanted to buy... because it's no online shopping month, I'm sure, are:

--These boots...because I love them and convinced myself I NEED flat replace the other flat boots I have...because their heel is messed up...but also, I never wear them because I like being taller than I really am...

--Coachella passes...even though they're way too expensive. Thank God they sold out.

--This new Robyn album. I LOVE IT. I love it. But even iTunes is online...ergo nokay. But really, check out Fembots. I love it.

--This new Decemberists. I haven't even heard it, but I always buy their music, and always like it.

--This V-day card for my G-ma, because I started wondering if she ever gets V-day cards and got so sad! No worries though...I'll borrow from my eating out budget to buy her a card not online.

--This V-day card for all of my friends (not Jonathan), because it's PERSONALIZE-ABLE!!! Adorbs. I don't even LIKE V-day, but I wanted to buy this, just because I can't.

--This dress for my sister-in-law, although I repeatedly vow to not buy people clothes because I know it is hard for them when they don't like it but feel like they have to wear it, then repeatedly break that vow because I think "I know OTHER people can't buy their friends clothes, but I totally got this!!", even though I'm sure I DON'T got it, because I felt like she would look awesome in this style in which I look so terrible but love, and wear it at Anthro.

--This dress, which I basically already have.

--THIS dress, because it's on sale and although I would be waaaaay too hippy in it, I love the idea of it.

--This frame, because I love it.

Aaaahhhh...I have a problem. But maybe not entirely, because I haven't bought any of it....I just want to. I had a dream about shoe shopping, and it took all that was in me (and all that was in Mindy's boots) to not go.


  1. i must say, you do need those boots. i saw the heel on your old ones.....ummmm time for some new ones. go in person and get them. now. i need you to send your g-ma that card. presh. and i buy dresses on line for other people and it totally works out (unless you lied to me). ;-) good luck. that, on top of novert (!) sugar!? rough month.

  2. i am still sad about coachella...thanks for opening that wound again. ;-( ;-)

  3. Shannon, what if you just went to Target and bought only the Robin and Decemberists CDs? That way it would not be online. This just really breaks my heart :( Maybe you could send e-valentine cards? Or go to Rite Aid and use my 20% off and buy the kid kind with candy? I just don't like this Shannon, I don't like this at all.

  4. eeks.
    I would love that dress. But don't buy it for me and break your vow. Not worth it.

    I bet if you work hard enough you can find those dresses in shops around San Diego. Therefore, not online (is that how you spell Therefore??? Frick!)

  5. Bluurrggg...the best of it all is that after not impulsively buying them online, I realize I don't really need them at all. The worst of it all is that I can't even buy it NOT online, because it doesn't fit into my budget.

  6. your budget and monthly no no's suck. ;-)

  7. I saw those boots in DSW (or ones extermely like them) and I tried them on and they looked wierd on me, but that's just me!

    When are we gonna win the lottery?

  8. Don't worry you guys. When I'm super rich I'll take us all out for lunch and shopping and pedis and everyone wil be so happy!