Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This budget is killing me softly!

Not really that dramatic, but still...I liked life more before it. I mean, I might sleep a little better, but I miss buying a bunch of stuff I love all the tiiimmmeee!!!

It has been interesting, though, to see so many cases-ins-points that I had no idea what I was spending on things.

Case in point...I am $24 away from my monthly eating out budget. It's the 16th. Damn it.

Case in point...$80 on gas a month isn't enough. I'm about to get my third tank this month. Worst! Think of the shoes I'm not buying because of this!

Case in point...groceries can be expensive. I exceeded that budget this month, but I knew it would happen, because I hadn't stocked up on the essentials since...I don't know...August? Mistake!

Because of those cases-ins-points case in point...I'm not using my tiny but delightful clothes/shoes budget on clothes/shoes this month...because I've already used it at the grocery store and gas station.

I'm like 65 years old.

Can't wait to get used to this...and to adjust the budget so it actually works.

That dollar is NEVER gonna get finished!!!

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