Thursday, February 10, 2011

Offline shopping

More like shopping is OFFline...for me...ever...

What? I don't know. I just felt like I had to go with it.

So I haven't had my car for a full week and a day now, because something is wrong, and no one really knows what, so my "mechanic's" solution has been to just keep it and drive it around until something happens. I can't even write any more about it because it's so overwhelmingly annoying and I don't want to start swear-typing in case the kids are reading this.

But all of that to say it's nearly impossible to go shopping-in-reality without a car.

Also, I have really enjoyed all of the walking, and ALSO also, thanks to my wonderful friends for never even thinking twice when I ask them for a ride.

So I haven't purchased anything other than groceries all month. I know it's only been 10 days, but that's more than a third of this month, and a big moment for this girl. It's also been such a downer to automatically delete all of my store oriented (storiented) emails without even looking at them. I KNOW I'm missing a big apartment sale at, and I just deleted without even opening a DSW email that was titled "CLEARANCE PLUS DOUBLE POINTS!", which was deflating, to say the least.

I mean, I know that happiness doesn't come from buying things, but I sure am happy when I buy things...soooo...

I'm working on it, I'm working on it.

So when I Google-imaged (one of my favorite pass times) "I'm working on it," the following three pictures came up:

Makes sense. I like it. It's my new tattoo.

Doesn't really make sense, but I like it...but really only Part Two...Part One looks fake and Park Three is too shiny...and also, those neck/shoulder muscles are so narshty...who wants to touch those?? Just imagine my painted-nail-girl-hand on that shoulder is creeping me out. Also, why do those half-men have lady names?

Doesn't make ANY sense, and I am NOT working on anything like this. I can't even say how many things I hate about this. Actually, I can. So much blue. Denim skirt. Creepily tall socks. Shoes from 1998. Sandals and socks. Picture angle from top down. There being absolutely no reason to take a picture like this. Done.


  1. Storiented is the first legit combo word you've come up with in a reaaaaly long time. I hope your car gets fixed soon, but let me know next time you're going to walk to Rite Aid or your favorite :) local store Olive Tree Market.

  2. so happy for you...teach me your tricks...bc i am dying here....i mean the mail center at work knows my USUAL stores that i shop from.....awful.

  3. Car...returned! I hope times a thousand that it's fixed.
    Trick one...unsubscribe from all those emails. It's the worst step. :"(

  4. i might cry if i do that. is there therapy for that?