Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Most interesting conversation of 2013

I don't want to call it for the whole year...but really...these will be hard to beat.

Context:   Last night, I finally won my half-year long battle with CarMax and got rid of Tiny Car.  No offense to Tiny Car, and all offense to CarMax--the car was a total nightmare, and the experience with CarMax was an even more total nightmare.  From my now very personal experience, when you get a good car from CarMax, they're great.  When you get a bad car from CarMax, they are awful. 

Anyway.  I finally ignored my local, went to corporate enough times to be "that girl" with "that car," and a month later, donezo.

So last night, I went in to basically return my car and NOT pay them any more dollars, and the very young, very sweet guy that helped me finalize all of the paperwork and I had the following conversation:

ME: Yep, I was out of town on vacation from the 28th through the 11th. 
HIM: Oh, where were you vacay-ing?
ME: Turkey!
HIM: Oh, was it so humbling?
ME: Um, well, I mean, uh, it was really fun...
HIM: Oh wow.
ME: Yeah, I had a great time.
HIM: Ok cool.  Well you're all set here, but ma'am...I have to tell you...your mascara ran a little bit.  I didn't want you to look in the mirror later and be like "why didn't he tell me?"
ME: ...........thanks.  Thanks so much

Humbling?!   Who goes on vacation to be humbled?  .

But yeah, my mascara ran a little.  It was a long day.

Loved every moment of that convo. 

RUNNER UP...Context: Random small town in Turkey...we met Ali, the hype guy for a local pide restaurant.  He was THUUUHHH-RILLED to learn we were from California, and over the span of an hour-long dinner, said the following things, which are direct quotes, which I know because I took time outs to write them down. 

"Tonight, you come back here, and we look at cat pictures.  I have many many cat pictures."

"Another favorite American band...Black Eyed!  You like Black Eyed?"

"If I go to America, I want to see Texas, for cowboys, and Indiana, for Indiana Jones."

"Two months ago, I didn't know Justin Bieber.  Today, I am Justin Bieber fanatic."

"For one month, I asked boys if they loved Justin Beiber, because I thought he was a woman.  Then I saw photo...I can't believe it."

I can't even insert what I said into these quotes, because I was so mesmerized that I mostly just stared and smiled. 

2013, you're the best.

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