Thursday, May 9, 2013

Truth in comments

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Advertise Rules I Just Came Up With":

While you may make a sale every now and then by employing these safelists, it is not enough to really make  it worth your while. Totally humble, simply wanted to be a friend, and I knew he'd the missing part - the musicality. The good thing about this format is the fact that other than writing, you do not require any special skill to train on a Word or Notepad program.

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Dearest Anonymous,

Thank you, so much, for reading back to 2010 on my blog.  It means a lot to me that blog posts that only make sense to the people in my office have grown to be so far reaching!  What a treat.  Honestly, I'm blushing right now.

Or it may just be my skin flushing--sometimes I get red for no reason.  Tough to tell if it's that or the blushing from the attention you've lavished on 2010's entries.

What I really appreciate about this comment, though, is how you bring it back to what really matters: the musicality.  When I was writing this post that outlines guidelines that should be considered for posting to our internal advertise list, you know what wasn't on my mind?  The musicality.  And I really think that's what's lacking here.  I'd never considered that "he" (who's "he" again?) was so humble, and trying so hard to be my friend.  If only I'd known--the Advertise rules would have made so much more sense to me, and to my four readers.

But back to the format--you nailed it, Anonymous.  The fact that I haven't had to be trained in the special skills required to use Notepad or Word is the reason I'm doing this.  In fact, I usually write all of my documents and emails in Blogger before I send them, because, as you said, no training required!!

Back to the heart of the matter, though, because we M-U-S-T keep things consistent.  I MUST have a mailer, but I'm concerned that my credit is too high, and I'm concerned about the cost!  Do you happen to have any mailer solutions for me that REQUIRE a credit check, but cost nothing?  I haven't worked this hard to maintain good credit just to have it not checked for free things!!


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