Monday, January 23, 2012

Here's something I hate: grocery check out PIN machines

Thanks, retail, for allowing me to swipe my card rather than writing a check, or paying in cash.

NO thanks, retail, for making it SO MUCH.

**Let's just get this out of the way rruull quick--this is going to be the most first-world of all of my first-world problems. I'm almost embarrassed at how much this bothers me, but KILLS me, and I don't think I can let it go without getting it out.

**Another thing you need to know first...I always stress a little when it comes to checking out at the grocery. I just want to be ready to swipe that card and clear out as soon as possible, in order to keep things running smoothly. I'm pretty sure no one else behind me even cares, but I just care so much.

Ok, back to whatever the hell we're talking about--grocery store check-out PIN machines. Why, why, why can't we just choose ONE way of interaction with them? Here's what my check-out at the Freasy looks like:

--scan items
--tap the self check-out screen to indicate that I'm ready to pay
--tap the screen icon of the card, because that's how I'll be paying
--move to the PIN machine, and swipe my card
--grab the pen attached to the machine, tap that YES, I am choosing to use this card as a debit
--use my fingers to push the number buttons to enter my PIN on the physical keypad
--press enter on the keypad
--get the damn pen again, tap YES to verify the total on the touch screen
--tap NO that I do not want cash back
--get my receipt and run

JUST PICK ONE. Touch screen, fine. Pen, fine. Keypad, fine. All of those...not fine. EVENTWOOFTHEMISNOTFINE.

Listen. I know that you can allow me to touch the screen, because part of this process involves me touching the screen. Why, then, can I not just touch the screen for my PIN? And I KNOW that the physical buttons work, so why can't I just push the NO button to tell you I don't want any cash back, rather than grabbing the pen? I CAN SEE THE BUTTONS. They're right there. They're



I think the real reason it's scho schtressful for me is because in the great rush to get out, I get my card out early, so I have that in hand, and the pen, then I have to push the buttons so I have to take the time to put the card away, or just drop the pen, just to pick it up gets me every time. And every time I think "I just need to write this out so I can let it go."

Fingers crossed that it was just a "say it and move on" thing.

It never is with me.

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