Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm not easily embarrassed, but...

...I was the other night.

Embarrassed, I wasn't really easy...I worked hard for it.

Two things to make this make sense:
1--my street has no street lights, and isn't near anything city, so it's super dark, and
2--my car has a cloth top.

So I'm a big car singer/dancer...the more redic the song, the better. The crazy songs are the easiest ones to sing along to. Come on--you all know you have one or two (or 900). So coming home late the other night, I may have been singing and dancing along with a song that may have a part that just says "wigglewigglewigglewigglewiggle...wigglewigglewigglewigglewiggle..." etc. So I wrapped that part up real nice like, then turned off the car, got out and started walking up to my door. As I was crossing the street, I heard, from two guys who I had not seen in the pitch blackness...

Guy: Um, so, how about those Lions?
Other guy: Yeah...

Damn it. They were for sure just standing there doing their thing when I for sure interrupted with the reckless abandon of a San Diego State girl, and was for sure oblivious to all of it.

That, everyone, was embearrassing.

Get it?

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