Sunday, September 27, 2009

another reason I will certainly die an early death

first of all:
since panini night, I've only purchased gasolina

not shopping is really boring.

So I'm pretty sure that I'm going to die a really early death because I make really poor choices...more often than I should...and more often than anyone who isn't a kid.

For example:
This one time, when I was in college on a debate trip, I was in a hotel room with my friend and teammate LeAnn, who was asleep, when someone knocked on the door. It was some tall guy...he asked to use our restroom...and for no real reason, I let him in.

That's straight out of...not even a horror movie. It couldn't be out of a horror movie, because no one would believe that anyone would actually let a stranger into her hotel room at 11 p.m.

Anyway, by the luck of the Irish (just kidding, I'm sure it was Jesus), I'm pretty sure this guy was just acting on a bet, because he used the restroom (during which I woke up LeAnn basically by saying "Soooo...I let someone into our hotel room..." and she was pretty pissed [for good reason]), then asked to sleep on our couch, at which point LeAnn made him leave (thanks again). No harm done...but I'm not really sure how.

I also often forget to check the peephole when people knock, I always give money to people on street corners (and legitimately think that they're buying food with it) and if you read earlier, I inadvertently propositioned the front desk guy in NorCal.

So tonight...I'm in beautiful Bakersfield, CA for a PL Info Night and a college fair, and I had the worst allergy moment ever. My poor coworker Buddy was setting up the Info Night, and I went to the hotel front desk to ask where the sundries shop to get any kind of allergy medicine. As it turns out, they didn't have a sundries shop, and referred me to the Costco across the street. Unfortunately, I didn't need 200 allergy tabs. So as I was walking away, an older employee named Salvador (name tag!) called me over to the counter where he was working, reached into his pocket and said "I've also had the allergies today...itchy have itchy eyes?" I did. "And the sneeze?" I DID have the sneeze! "You try these--I feel so much better." And he handed me two pills. In my defense, they were packaged, but the writing was sort of rubbed off of the back. It said Advil Cold and Sinus at one point...I think...not sure when. And with less than a thought, I took these two pills some stranger gave me.



As it turned out, I'm pretty sure they were totally legit Advil, because I feel about 90% better and got through the Info Night like a breeze.

Who takes medication from a stranger????

I am like a the worst way. My bad, my bad. I'm working on having these realizations when these things are happening, as opposed to several hours later.


I call this one "let's all wear our white shirts!"


  1. More. debate. stories! It makes me miss you. Also Leann should have a blog where she just writes that story about her roommate over and over again, except in different literary styles. Like, obviously the first a comedy, but then a foreign film, and then a horror movie, etc. Also your photo and caption made me laugh out loud.

  2. She and I are JUST to the point where we can laugh about me almost getting us both raped and killed. we joked about it a couple weeks's been a long road.
    I'll make a note--LeAnn, guest blog, Easy Mac.

  3. how about that time the guy was driving next to you for miles and then stopped when you stopped. creepy.

  4. ha ha ha ha I forgot about that. we sang Sexual Healing together. I miss that complete stranger. not really. thanks mood.