Monday, September 28, 2009

coffee in bako

Frank told me that if Twitter is like mini-Facebook-status-updates, this blog was like maxi-Twitter.

In that trend...I am at an indie coffee shop in Bako, and here are the people in it with me:

--a guy in ill fitting khaki pants, a t-shirt, and really, really expensive Italian leather shoes that are too pointy for even me to appreciate
--an old cop in full uniform
--a biker (like a road bike...not a motorcycle) wearing full spandex, his helmet (still strapped) and ear buds, even though he's talking to...
--a guy completely covered in tattoos. Literally. Face and all.
--two guys wearing those heavy lifting belts that they wear at Costco and Home Depot (not sitting together, or connected at all, to my observation), one of whom is wearing it over a "1-800-radiator" t-shirt.
--a person whose gender is indecipherable.
--a guy wearing extremely dirty tan shorts, a Maravich jersey and Vans with laces, but no socks (who just started talking to Biker and Tattoo) who ordered a mocha "with extra love"

I'm just wearing a purple dress, typing away on work emails, and I'm the weird one. I keep catching people looking at me.


One of the lifting belt guys just waited until the barista was looking away, took all the newspapers from the bin, and bailed.