Friday, September 11, 2009

The Isht I Buy

So after years of wildly abusing my own finances like a child, I've decided to try and be accountable.

I chose now because #1--I'm no longer even in my mid-20s, where financial irresponsibility is cute and cool, and #2--I'm about to head out on Fall Travel for work, which means recruiting for most people, and financial ruin for me. When I'm out there on the road all alone and all the work is done...I either eat or I shop. And I get full quickly.

The worst of it all is that shopping is so easily justifiable on Fall Travel. I'm not paying for gas, food...anything, really, so it seems totally fine to go to the mall and spend $100. Or $500. Let's be's usually closer to $500 buy the end of things. Maybe more...but I don't really know...because I don't keep track so I don't feel guilty.

Anyway, I'm leaving for Fall Travel tomorrow, and I have vowed, both personally and to my coworkers (and now to the world...or at least the world who Googles "isht"), that this is the year of no unnecessary purchase on the road. I figure since nothing else has worked, the fear of public humiliation for failing may keep me on track. Also, I hear this is how the morbidly obese lose weight--by writing down everything they eat, looking at it at night and crying and crying.

It is my goal to do the same...but not really...because I should have nothing to write down. Also, I just hate crying.

Here's why it's going to suck: because I'm on the road longer than I have been since 2004, and despite my shorter travel schedule, I have still managed to spend so much money.

Here are the broad strokes:

--Okay things: books and movies (theaters, not DVDs at the Best Buy...even that's too much for me to handle), because I have to have SOMETHING besides shopping to do.

--The one thing I actually need to buy on the road: a new pair of sun-g's. I think any of you can attest that my two year old $4.80 sun-g's are long past their prime...and I think one of the arms is on it's last leg (get it?), so I need a new pair before these are totally out of commission. You can probably also attest that I'm a wreck without sun-g's. I have sensitive eyes. Just look at my website picture for work...I think I'm actually crying. Actually, don't look at it. Anyway, I tried to buy these before travel, but my cap of $7 didn't get me anything. I'm hoping NorCal has more to offer my eyes.

--Nokay things--anything else. No work clothes, no Christmas presents (the easiest for me to justify), no "just needed these sandals because my feet were hurting".

I think those are all the rules. I figure that you're reading this, you know me already, so maybe just send me a message while I'm out that is like "get out of the mall!!!"...or something.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. sungees are a must for you. and prezzies for me. that's it.