Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Schmonday and Tueshday

I'm at the It's A Grind in Roseville (as is another rep, who I didn't recognize, but he said "pslam" when I walked in. Awesome) and there is a guy setting up a keyboard.
That's weird. It's four p.m...not really jam time.

Is there a jam time?

The isht I bought:
one amazing pastry
some noodles and chicken at Panda Express


So yesterday was a wild day of driving...I was on the road for eight hours and twenty minutes. Over that. Too bad everything up here is SO spread out. But that helped in the great un-shop of 2009...shopping in the car is real hard.

Also, I passed a place (three times, actually) called "Wholey Ravioli," whose tagline is "Authentic Italian." I refuse to believe that any authentically Italian place would call itself Wholey Ravioli. At LEAST go with Holy! Wholey? What's the joke? You get whole raviolis? I sort of expect that.

Now there are two women crocheting a blanket together. Where I am I??

So I bought some sun-gs...and it was momentous. I think I have some sort of disorder. I've been driving around for two days with a headache because it's so damn bright outside, so in between high school four and five today, I put Nordstrom into the GPS so I could just buy some. I chose Nordstrom, mind you, because the BP in Nordstrom has $10 glasses, which was my newly imposed limit. However, my GPS took me to a Nordstrom Rack...no BP...no $10 sun-gs...but I didn't have time to seek out a real store before my next appointment. I was nervous about going into the Rack, and for good reason. Here is the short list of things I almost bought:

--flat shoes, because I had to pee, which meant walking by the shoes, and I almost convinced myself that my feet were hurting and needed a break before the college fair. My feet do not hurt.
--a black long sleeved t-shirt, because it's almost getting cold up here and I don't have one
--two tank tops, because they were only $10 and I could use them on the road
--red nail polish, because I didn't bring one of the eleven bottles of red nail polish that I have at home, and I might want to paint my toes...I mean...I'm not spending money on pedicures, right?

Pause--Bananarama's Cruel Summer is on in the coffee shop, but the jam band (now a keyboard, guitar and some drum thing) is playing over it. COME ON.

--my perfume, because it was on sale, and I will run out of what I have within four months
-a Fall themed welcome mat, because it's for the house, not me
--shampoo, because my hair isn't reacting well to the soft water here...and somehow new shampoo would help that
--a scarf. No reason.

Seriously...I picked up each one of these items and mentally fought with the justification. Then, once I was done and looking only at sun-g's, I actually had this thought:

"well since I didn't spend any money on that other stuff, I can look at designer glasses!"


Anyway, I realized my ridiculous-ness, made fun of myself, and found the cheapest glasses there that I didn't hate. They weren't in my $10 limit, but they were relatively cost effective, and since my last ones cost .006 cents a day, I think I'm ok.

One last word: Sacramento radio is the flipping best. I like it even better than LA. I have my presets memorized for when I'm here, and they are:
-hip hop/top 2o station
-90s station
-oldies station
-70s and 80s station
-dance station
-another hip hop/top 20 station
-some college independent station

And all are amazing. Another purchase withheld is a cord for my iPod, because I forgot my FM transmitter, but I have successfully avoided any Best Buys (I always leave with seasons of something), so I am ONLY radio listening this trip. Cool...not easy with nine hours in the car...but impossible in SD, where radio is the worst.

College fair.

P.S. from a kid at a Christian high school this morning; "your school doesn't have drinking on campus? Over it!!!"


  1. 1. Jam Time is roughly 5-8pm.
    2. Wholey...maybe Whole Wheat Ravioli?
    3. Must see new sungees

  2. over it...hahaha!

    yay! Sungees!
    boo - no welcome mat...when you come back are you allowed to shop? It's DOORTIME!