Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I thought it was Thursday all day...

...and kept telling my coworkers that I'd see them tomorrow.

I won't.

It's only Wednesday.

The isht I bought today:
-a grocery store sando (my favorite!)
-Boston Market (those still exist)

So I think that the front desk guy thinks I'm trying to seduce him.

Night number three here--I demagnetized my hotel key. I'm surprised it took me that long--I ALWAYS mess up those things. So I tried the key, it did not work, I went back down and asked the night desk guy to re-mag, he asked my number, and fixed it. I went back up, tried it again, and it still did not work, so I went back down, and the guy re-fixed it, and said he'd come back up with me to try it, so I wouldn't have to come back down. That was nice. Anyway, it worked right away, andI looked like an idiot.

Next night, tried the key, did not work, went down, same guy working, so I just said "3-1-7." He just looked at me. I pushed my key toward him. He looked at me. I said "Oh sorry I demagnetized my key again...sorry..."

Pretty sure he thought that I was trying to invite him up.

Don't worry, tonight I completely forgot my key. He was working again. I told him what I'd done, and he said "well we'll just have to go up and get it..." Not what I was expecting, so I said "Oh, really? I thought you could just give me another one." He said "Oh, yeah, I can." And he did.

Pretty sure he was trying to invite himself up, and I'm PRETTY sure he thought he would be welcome.


  1. is he cute?....yikes. i sound like my mom. I can't tell her a story about any male humanoid without her asking if he's cute....