Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday...26 doughnuts.

The isht I bought since last night:
-a bottle of water (I hate airport water with the twisty know the kind)
-two fish tacos at 10 p.m.
-26 doughnuts
-a coffee box
-a coffee
-lunch at Panera

Extremely exciting so far. The Naz is taking care of me, and I can't lie...eating is my favorite part of Fall Travel.

And the doughnuts and coffee were for a bunch of high schoolers this morning...I didn't even eat one.

So I had an hour in the car this morning to get to Fairfield for a church fav youth group that on my of them, at least. Get this--they have four morning services--the first one at an elem school, then one across town (don't forget that town is Fairfield, so it's like 6 minutes away) at a warehouse, then another at the elem school, and another at the warehouse. And the students have separate classes that run opposite the services.

And I got to hear one of the other leaders speak, and he's cool. I guess he used to be in jail and was a big partier until he got churchy, and now he tries to keep these students out of trouble. One of the kids (he's 16) apparently got a neck tattoo a couple of weeks ago out of some guy's garage, and the speaker is so worried that this kid isn't going to get a job that he offered to pay for the kid to get the tattoo removed on his neck and relocated somewhere cover-up-able. Come on...that's the kind of church person I like.

It also led to me hearing this conversation:
Mike: "On your neck many of your friends have neck tattoos?"
Kid: "I don't guy I can think of"
Mike: "Is it gang related? Was he in jail?"
Kid: "No..."
Mike: "Are you sure? What's the tattoo?"
Kid: "Music notes"
Mike: (long pause) "Is he gay?"

Thank you for that.

Against my better judgment, I pulled into a new shopping center because I assumed it would have a Panera and I needed some wireless. There are so many good stores here, including a new DSW.

Pause for a second--I'm pretty sure I just ate someone else's lunch. I got a different soup than I wanted, but I went back and forth so maybe the girl was confused...but I'm pretty sure I ordered a turkey sando and I just ate a chicken sando. Oops.

Anyway, I'm here and about to read rather than walk around.

Things going on around me:
--a guy and a girl who aren't in a relationship (with each other) having some sort of accountability meeting in which they are sharing personal things about their respective relationships. So weird. And they're not even trying to keep it on the low. I almost wrote that I'm trying not to listen, but I'm not.
--a Julie and Julia book club meeting. Did I mention the two ladies I sat next to on the plane last night were also reading it? I think everyone is.
Why order two bread bowls if you aren't going too eat any of the bread?

Two important developments today:
--my sun-gs broke. The arm fell off. And not "the screw fell out"...the metal just broke. However, I worked it out, and those little guys cost me, per day since I got them, .006 cents.

--I put in new contacts this morning, and I had them in the wrong eyes until an hour ago. I just thought I was getting used to them. I wasn't. I almost crashed three times because I had my contacts in the wrong eyes.



  1. That's why I like that I am equally as blind in each eye so I don't have that problem. Have you found some new sungees yet?! I just bought 3 pairs. We must meet up so you can try some on. I think I need to get a blog so I can stop spending money. I just don't think people care about my spending in fact, I think they enable it :). Anyhow, I hope you shared my tattoo mistake as well!

  2. not going to lie...I've posted in this thing instead of going into's been a success...for two days. Please come up here so I can try on your sun-gs. I will get them tattooed on my foot.