Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sweet memories

I'm so, so over work at this moment that I can barely breathe.

So I'm reliving this moment with you all. From Fall Travel last year...

How much do I use the word "so," right??? And, as you can see, even a year ago, I was predicting my early death. For good reason.

So I was driving on the 50 (Capitol City Freeway, HEY OH!), looooving
that my rental car has 21 preset buttons on the radio, when I stumbled
upon one of my ulta-favo songs of all time, Sexual Healing, just as it
started! I, of course, was singing along with all my might, and after
verse and chorus one, noticed that the car to my left in the carpool
lane was matching my speed. Obviously I looked over, and continued to
sing along (I could never compromise my own and the song's integrity by
NOT singing it when it comes on the radio, even when it could
potentially be extremely embarrassing). Good news--the person next to
me was singing along too. In fact, BETTER news, because the other
driver was, in the truest sense of the word, a thug--extra 30 pounds,
bandanna and everything. We shared a
knowing-through-the-sunglasses-look, which I interpreted to be "Yeah,
Marvin Gaye! Yeah!" It is this naivete that will likely lead to my
early and untimely death one day.
Anyway, I continued to drive for 30 more minutes to my current location,
It's a Grind in Rocklin, CA. When I parked and got out, a car slowly
drove by behind me. Guess who? That's right. My radio thug friend.
He'd either followed me for 30 minutes, through about 10 turns off the
freeway, or also wanted an It's a Grind.
I looked at him, my face probably conveyed the shock/panic that I felt,
and he drove away.

And back to 2009, I call this one "this guy is living my flipping life," because it's a HUGE goal of mine now to visit OF, call someone and have them see me on the camera.

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